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Thread: Can't have my cake and eat it!!!!!

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    Can't have my cake and eat it!!!!!

    Basics first:- HP5780 desktop running 13.04
    The problem...........
    Recently added "Creative" speakers using USB port ----- Spot On.
    Just recently acquired a USB "Creative" webcam and microphone combined.
    Using "Hangout" to contact my son, he can see me but not hear me.
    So based on posts on here changed /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf by adding "options snd-hda-intel position index=2" and "options snd-hda-intel position fix=1"
    I hasten to add not both at the same time!!!!!
    Is that correct?
    The result of the above was me losing sound but my son hearing me ....... you name name it I had various combinations but not ever one that was complete!
    I am now back to original on the config file, so microphone not working.
    Be aware I'm going to use dirty words now.
    Works OK in Windows, my pc is dual boot.
    Where do I start, give us a clue

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    Re: Can't have my cake and eat it!!!!!

    Have you tried selecting the USB mic from among the input devices? I don't think Ubuntu does the autoswitch, so:
    - click the speaker icon
    - select Sound Settings
    - switch to Input tab
    - select the second mic if available

    A relative of mine has a USB headset with a mic by Microsoft, and that is the way he uses it in Ubuntu.

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    sound settings mike speakers

    well if you run the usb speakers AND the usb mike and camera combo system might be confused

    just while you speak to son tell sound settings that you are using mike/camera combo for input AND usb speakers for output

    [i have an external soundcard for input and output here but need to tell sound settings when i use Skype otherwise same situation as yours ==> one way traffic

    so flash up sound settings and click on relevant settings]

    Sound_001.pngSound_002.png Attachment 245635

    As regards Windows the OS must have been written in a way which says if you do not find it here look elsewhere until it is found

    Not so with high customization/freedom in Linux WE have to do that thinking ... Price we have to pay ... is what i seem to understand [i might be wrong]
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