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Thread: Remove new userid and update email id

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    Unhappy Remove new userid and update email id


    I registered on the ubuntuforums site using my office email id. I want to change it to my personal id. Due to recent changes I came to know that ubuntu one id is needed to login to forums with old email id. Due to this I had to create one ubuntu one id. Due to long incativity I didn't remember which email id I had used to login to forums site so I used my personal id and now I have 2 ids on the forum . Can the 2 ids be merged somehow and email id be changed.

    Userid : /root

    New id : ankur2

    I want to retain /root and update the personal email id ( email id associated with userid ankur2 ) with the account so I can receive regular mails. With official id registered, if I change company than the id won't be carried forward ..

    Please help


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    Re: Remove new userid and update email id

    Thread moved to Resolution Centre.

    What I can do is to disable the ankur2 account and release the email associated with that forum account so that you can re-use it in /root. There are two Ubuntu One accounts, one associated with ankur2 and the other with /root. Please be aware that when ankur2 is disabled, it will effectively prevent use of that particular Ubuntu One account from logging into the forum. You will still be able to use the other one to log into /root.

    As a security check, pm me with the email registered to the ankur2 account and I will deal with this.
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