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Thread: VMWare Tools on Ubuntu Server

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    VMWare Tools on Ubuntu Server

    Hi guys,

    I'm really desperate. Please help me.
    I'm trying to install VMWare-Tools on my Ubuntu-Server-Virtual-Machine but "shared folders" doesn't work. There is no "/mnt/hgfs"-folder, even though I enabled "shared folders".
    My system:
    1. VMWare-Player 3.1.0
    2. Ubuntu Server 12.04.3 LTS - virtual machine

    When I try to execute "apt-get install open-vm-tools" then I get the error message "FATAL: Module vmhgfs not found".

    I've no idea why it doesn't work...
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    Re: VMWare Tools on Ubuntu Server

    if I were you, I'd invest in VMWare workstation 9 and do it right. Because Ubutu works flawlessly for me as a guest under VMware workstation.


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