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Thread: Apache - caught SIGTERM, shutting down & SSL setup issues.

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    Apache - caught SIGTERM, shutting down & SSL setup issues.

    I'm running Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 on a home server. I'm trying to add SSL support to it and basically shut off port 80 traffic altogether. I went through this guide here:

    With this guide, I had success using a 13.04 virtual machine. I know 13.04 isn't 12.04 server, but it's what I had readily available at the time. With the VM, I had no issues, but I was also using localhost for everything and was not integrating an actual domain name with it, which is where I think this might be fouling up.

    Within the error.log for Apache, I have a few entries that is somewhat concerning. It keeps saying that:

    [warn] RSA server certificate CommonName (CN) '' does NOT match server name!?
    Some Googling suggested that perhaps I need to make sure that the CN from when I made the cert versus the ServerName in VirtualHosts need to match. Well... they do. Eh?

    Here are my config files:


    Can anybody see what I'm missing?

    EDIT - I am using for my DDNS usage, which is where I got the domain that I am using in the VirtualHosts entry as well as the CommonName for the cert. It was suggested that perhaps no-ip doesn't allow you to use your own certs. Perhaps that could be it? Regardless, do my configs look correct? That's my primary concern at the moment.
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