I am currently thinking about trying to program an app with the Ubuntu SDK. I would like to get some hints or comments. If something similar for Linux already exists I would by thankful for any info. I found nothing so far via google.

Idea: We have a small office with 5-10 people and I would like to have a big screen with a dashboard showing different informations. Most important the calendar of events of the day (data via ical or caldav). And an area with post-it-like notes to everyone in the office. That´s the most important function and the goal for the beginning but there would be more ideas for further features (showing notification for Incoming calls like "Mrs. Miller from Miller Inc. calls"...). Everything would just have to work in LAN.

For a real programmer this screams maybe for a simple html/web application. But I really would like to test the sdk and maybe this would be nice to have. The program would consist of two apps. A dashboard-app running full-screen with some configurations and a client-app mainly for sending notes and maybe also showing existing notes locally, commenting them or deleting if solved.

Any comments? Cheers, Timo