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Thread: Please restore my original Ubuntu Forums account

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    Exclamation Please restore my original Ubuntu Forums account

    Thank you for addressing my concern. I recently updated all my Ubuntu accounts usernames and passwords, because of the recent theft of usernames and passwords with Upon connecting my Ubuntu Forums account with my Ubuntu account, my original Ubuntu Forums account 'Coderand' was not linked to it. After looking through posts from other users about this same problem, I realize it's because I had already changed my email address associated with my main Ubuntu account. The Ubuntu Forums username I had been using was 'Coderand'. I still have access to the email address associated with that account (but am not using it anymore with my Ubuntu accounts), so if you need verification I can reply from that email account. I would like my Ubuntu Forums username and account 'Coderand' reconnected to my main Ubuntu account, as it contains all my old Ubuntu Forums posts. Thank you for your time addressing and fixing this issue.

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    Re: Please restore my original Ubuntu Forums account

    I will email your old account. Please PM me with the requested information. We should be able to get the account(s) reset.
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