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Thread: Apache2 Alias, 403 error

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    Apache2 Alias, 403 error

    Ok, so I set up an Alias in my apache2 server to point to a second harddrive.

    I had tons of problems with it, but finally had it working (when by my understanding, it shouldn't have.) Here is what I had:

    Second drive was located at /media/MediaServer
    Folder I wanted to access was /media/MediaServer/Videos
    So the alis was pointing to that folder, but it did not work. Then after tons of looking and trying, I pointed it to /media/MediaServer and suddenly it worked...even though it was pointing to the main drive, it was opening the Videos folder.

    Then, I got a new bigger harddrive. Wanted to move all my Media files to the new drive. In an attempt to avoid problems, I transfered files, then changed names of drives so that the new drive was now /media/MediaServer, so that in theory, the alias would point now to the new drive...but alas...that was not the I am stumped as to what to do to get this working again.

    Here is what I am doing:

    Using a Roku and Roksbox channel, I stream my media files over to my TV. To do this, I have my apache server set up to point to the media files folder, which is as I said, on my new drive, mounted at /media/MediaServer/Videos.

    Here is the alias file I have setting up the alias:

    Alias /Videos /media/MediaServer
    <directory /Videos>
    	options +Indexes FollowSymLinks 
    		AllowOverride AuthConfig FileInfo
                    Order allow,deny
    		Allow from all
    I had another file at before, but I seem to have lost it...and worse, don't remember where it was, or what it did....

    What I need, it to set it up so that localhost/Videos or will point to, and open my Videos folder on the new hard drive...please, help!


    Forgot to actually mention my does seem to be pointing to the right place...but I get a 403 forbidden error...I have checked (and changed permissions for all folders/files on the drive...nothing seems to work..
    If I open up nautilus, and browse to /var/www I see a folder names Videos, which shows that it is a linked folder. If I open it, it opens the Videos folder on the new the link is working...I just can't seem to access it from a browser (and therefor can't access it from my TV either...)
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    Re: Apache2 Alias, 403 error

    Ok...don't know what the problem was...but I fixed it...

    Uninstalled my apache server completely...and reinstalled. When I did that, I opened /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default and changed the DocumentRoot to point to my new drive /media/MediaServer instead of /var/www. So now the entire server looks there...rather than needing an alias...

    No idea what the problem was before...but it doesn't really matter now..


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