Hello, I use xscreensaver, because I really don't like thiat there is no actual screensaver in Ubuntu 12.04 by default. Unfortunately sometime sI get back to my computer and the screen is black. I can see only the mouse cursor. It looks like I can unlock the screen, but nothing is visible! I used to be able to fix it by switching to text console by ctrl+alt+f1, logging in and issuing command
sudo unity --reset
This restores the image and all windows. I can see that the screen actually really unlocked because I accidentaly sent my password to a friend via an instant messaging which was running and active (really great security when you cannot see anything on a black screen Hardware is Thinkpad T420 and I use Unity GUI with Compiz enabled.
BUT last two times when I tried this it logged me of the session back to the login screen in like 10seconds after windows appeared! So my questions are
- is it a xscreensaver bug that causes black screen even after unlocking?
- why does unity --reset logoff me and close all my apps? Maybe because of sudo?