I an a new user of Ubuntu, and it is working very well. I did a UNIX terminal command “ps -ef” and found about 250 processes running. I am concerned that in the process of learning, I have loaded and *NOT* unloaded software which needs to be cleaned up.

  1. Is there an easy way to determine what should and shouldn't be running? This, of course, depends on the software loaded.
  2. Is there a Ubuntu tool to help newbies clean up their machines?

  3. Should one expect this many processes?

Aforum search yielded a post by MikeCyber “what processes are normalon 13.04?” In his example, there are also a significant number ofrunning processes; however, his question and the answer is particularto a Union Bank process, and does not address the large number ofprocesses also running on his machine.

I have reviewed many other postswhich are unrelated to my question.