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Thread: Ubuntu 13.04 VM as a guest, Windows 8 Host - sound not connecting

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    Ubuntu 13.04 VM as a guest, Windows 8 Host - sound not connecting

    Say I have two main machines these days, a Dell 660 with Win. 8 core i5, and Lenovo W530, also with Win. 8, and a core i7. All VM's work flawlessly on the Lenovo,
    but on the Dell, I have seen issues with the same VM not working on it, as far as getting sound goes. The constant thread is GNOME based DE, which I think includes Unity.
    KDE does not have this problem, but alas, I am not a KDE guy. But I think I solved it for Ubuntu 13.04; I copied the VM from the Lenovo to the Dell, then I deleted sound from the VM parameters, then added it back in after the VM was running. Now it seems to work. I am not sure if I just got lucky, or it is a permanent fix, but thought I would pass it along.
    I have seen this bug before with other Dell's I have owned in the past, using a Suse Linux with GNOME. I currently use the latest VMWare, version 9.03.

    I have tested it with the latest LTS, 12.04 on the Dell, and it works as well now with sound.
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