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Thread: Running Window 8 with Virtual Box in Ubuntu 12.04

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    Running Window 8 with Virtual Box in Ubuntu 12.04


    I am new with Ubuntu and I am trying to make the change over completely. Yet there is the interest in using the odd windows program. I would like windows 8 running on virtualbox.

    When I install Windows 8 through Virtual Box, it copies and installs the files but when it reboots to start installing devices it jams on the windows 8 logo screen. I have tried this with my windows 8 cd and a windows 8 iso and it jams at the same spot each time. I have an 8 core chip and I am giving windows 8 3 cores. I have 4 gig of ram and it uses the minimal required by virtual box.

    If anyone has had this problem and knows whats causing it I would greatly appreciate any help.

    Kind regarsd


    PS I know I could use Playonlinux for some programs, but things like itunes jam through that program, which is a reason for have windows 8 as a virtual drive.

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    Re: Running Window 8 with Virtual Box in Ubuntu 12.04

    If you're using the VirtualBox version in the Ubuntu repository maybe try a newer version. Since Windows 8 is relatively new there are probably still some kinks getting worked out.


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