Am a complete novice at this OS and need this help for a site. I am trying to resolve an issue Java Update 25 seems to have caused.

Basically, there are panel mounted touchscreen PCs for the system that use a simple browser to view the system. This PC starts up and automatically logs in, goes through what I can say looks like a calibration screen, then fires up a browser that is set to go to the webserver ip address and gets to the login screen.
There are other machines like this running windows Xp embedded and they still function ok since the update.

Originally this used to also open an on-screen keyboard to allow the user to login but since the webserver machine has been updated at the request of the customer to the latest Java as they have other systems connecting and felt it was necessary, the screens no longer display the on-screen keyboard when they startup and login.

I have attached a USB keyboard and logged in with no issues that way (apart from having to press 'continue to wait' when it says it may have hung or be running script (about 4 times) then it gets into the system and is fine from there.

Any ideas on a fix please?

Please be aware I am a complete novice and have never changed these before and am a windows user so Unix/Linux is also new to me (I am aware of them, but never got into them)

Any help would be greatly received.