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Thread: Install and enable GNU PG in default installations

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    Install and enable GNU PG in default installations

    In light of the recent revelations about the NSA espionage on all the "non-American people" in the world, wouldn't it be great if large Linux distributions such as Ubuntu would include and enable email encryption and the likes (e.g. TOR) by default? I don't know about the politics behind projects like Ubuntu (since there is Canonical backing the project) and whether this is desirable for said company, since the British intelligence is just as evil as the American one. Looks like 9/11 wasn't so much a win for the arm industry but rather for various intelligence services. America is becoming a caricature of a free country and as of writing this post I'm questioning whether I'd have trouble to travel to the US again.Fact is, the common people will not bother to set up a secure system like this, even though they should. It's too complicated, just as it is too complicated to install and use a Linux system for most people, even though people should and not resort to OEM operating systems. Other OS manufacturers are definitely not going to take these steps; the U.S. government seems to be quite insolent when it comes to shutting down firms trying to defend the people's personal privacy from the big brother (Lavabit). Even if Microsoft and Apple would care for their customers they'd never dare to fart around with things like that. I can see that encrypting data transmission will only cause agencies to target these people specifically, but if all of us would use this type of software it would become impossible to keep track. This isn't about hiding important information but rather a matter of principle. At this point - I believe - there's once again a great opportunity not just for Ubuntu but for many Linux distributions to take side of the common people who are, most likely, not affiliated to al-Qaida, but treated as such. Snowden's sacrifices shouldn't have been in vain.

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    Re: Install and enable GNU PG in default installations

    I'm not sure what you want Ubuntu to do specifically after reading your email. You can install gnupg and tor and the tor onion browser from repositories as you like.


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