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Thread: Writing a system app for use on Ubuntu

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    Writing a system app for use on Ubuntu


    I would like to make a custom app for my Ubuntu system, where there is a system tray icon added which, when clicked, shows a small window with a texture file. I would like to make the tray icon have the ability to display various images. The point of the little system tray icon would be for displaying language character keymaps. I'm really not certain how to go about coding something like this though. Any helps would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Writing a system app for use on Ubuntu


    Is this something to help with the Cherokee translation project you were talking about yesterday?

    (Best of luck with that, by the way!)
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    Re: Writing a system app for use on Ubuntu

    Thanks for the response.

    It's actually for any language really. I'm a linguist, so I was thinking to make myself a simple application to display keymaps for various keyboard layouts. A person could open an image file, though I thought to make something that could stay at a top z coordinate when the app was open, just as a little helper for learning how to type in a language.


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