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Thread: XEN .img to KVM

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    XEN .img to KVM

    I have some .img files previously used as XEN images in CentOS which I would like to use now with KVM in Ubuntu server. Do you have any success on converting xen images to kvm compatible images? How did you do it? Any tutorial?

    I would very much appreciate your responses as I really need those xen images to run again.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: XEN .img to KVM

    Easiest way is to use virt-v2v, see process described at

    might need access to a fedora vm if you dont find virt-v2v on ubuntu
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    Re: XEN .img to KVM

    I've migrated all our Xen VMs to KVM over the last year. It was fairly simple process.
    * Make a backup of the Xen VMs using normal backup tools. Don't necessarily backup everything - settings, data and non-packaged programs. Use dpkg --get-selections> package-list.txt to store all the installed packages.
    * Create a new KVM VM iwth the settings you desire running the exact same OS release.
    * Restore the Xen backup into the new VM - settings and data
    * Install the packages using dpkg --set-selections< package-list.txt and apt-get -f install to get them all reinstalled.
    * Profit.

    There are a few details like NIC MAC addresses that you'll want to watch carefully, but besides that it was really easy.


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