Hey there,

a few days ago I upgraded my Lenovo x121e Netbook from 12.04 to 12.10 and it worked like a charm.
I noticed that now printing with my samsung clx 3125 works great and there seems to have been many improvements for systems on SSD in the newer kernel.

So I thought, Why not upgrading to 13.04?
Yesterday I made this upgrade. During the upgrade there was an error installing the new version for ubuntu-desktop, another error related to fglrx.
Because I compiled a newer version for the ATI chip in my netbook, I replaced fgrlx with the version from raring repository.
ubuntu-desktop seems to be the newest version from repository.

After rebooting the system I still don't have a dash, a starter and no bar in the head of the display. I just have a desktop with my files on it and the possibility to open a Terminal with CTRL-ALT-T

Can you help me to get back to a normal working system?