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Thread: Auto click and hold left mouse button

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    Auto click and hold left mouse button

    Hi all!
    I am looking for quite a specific feature. I need to trace the irregular boundary of some objects displayed on my screen using my mouse. In absence of any dedicated hardware, I need to practically keep holding down the left mouse button until I finish tracing, with considerable strain upon my wrist, arm and and finger.

    Is there any utility that would allow me to keep the left mouse button clicked (beware, not multiple clicks but one, long continuous click)? It would be ideal if it could be activated and deactivated through a keyboard shortcut, so that I would not make a mess!


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    Re: Auto click and hold left mouse button

    The simplest solution may be using the numeric pad as a mouse pointer.
    By pressing Ctrl + Shift + Numlock your numpad behaves like a mouse. Move with 8 4 6 2 and click with 5.
    This may be enough for what you want?

    Otherwise you will have to use a utility such as xvkbd :

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