As per the title, what exactly is the package 'nfs-utils'?

Launchpad list it here as "nfs-utils provides the required support programs for using the Linux kernel's NFS support, either as a client or as a server (or as both)." Whereas this site says;

The following binary packages are built from this source package:

NFS support files common to client and server
support for NFS kernel server
But this does not seem to be the case. I have built & installed 'nfs-utils' and 'nfs-kernel-server' is nowhere to be found. Moreover, there is a package-conflict if you then try to install 'nfs-kernel-server' - or more precisely, a conflict between 'nfs-utils' and 'nfs-common', which 'nfs-kernel-server' lists as a dependency.

Why I hear someone ask not just install 'nfs-common' and 'nfs-kernel-server' and be done with it? Well, first 'nfs-utils' seems a much newer package - version 1.2.8 versus 1.1.2 - and second, there seems to be a nasty bug which is easily reproducible in 'nfs-common'. One of my computers (my 'NFS client' in this instance) I leave running 24/7, my server is switched off at the end of the day. It happens without fail that when I restart my server and my client computer detects & mounts it, (with the help of 'nfs_automount') the NFS-client software will either lock up immediately, or else shortly after when a file-transfer is in progress. This results in Nautilus locking up, the only solution then being to reboot!

Whereas when I built and installed 'nfs-utils', this no longer happened. In other words, if you install 'nfs-utils', you have a working nfs-client, but haven't, and cannot have, a working server on the same machine due to the package-conflict. But I would also like the nfs-server running on the 'client' pc, hence this thread.