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Thread: Why is this?

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    Why is this?

    So I finally got my Studio and Jacks setup to record. When I recorded my bass track, from looking at the recorded track in Ardour, it looked kinda week, but when I play it back it's loud and clear.

    Bass Ubuntu Forum Question.png

    Why is that? I showed a screenshot of what I mean. Am I doing somthing wrong? Does it even matter?

    Thanks ahead for the help.


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    Re: Why is this?

    The scale is typically -1.0 to 1.0 where a maximum audio signal will represent digital clipping for a 16-bit (CD quality) recording. Normally you would set your bass preamp (volume knob) such that your signal is at 70 to 80% of full scale. Then you adjust your output volume to a reasonable listening level. This process is called gain-staging. You set the input gains at 70% so the downstream gains don't need to be turned up as high--which amplifies noise.

    If your playing is weak, then that is another issue.
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    Re: Why is this?

    Before you record, how's the input on the channel from the bass?

    As per this image (but in this one it overloads which is far worse):


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