Hi everyone,

In order to use my usb webcam microphone with skype I have to go to sound settings and change the input source manually every time I plug it in. I intuitively tried rearranging the default sound card microphone and the webcam one via drag and drop in the hope of being able to define a priority, but with no luck.

It's really annoying that instead of just plugging in the webcam and it sets itself automatically as sound input, I have to go through the settings every time. Is there any way to make my webcam microphone the default sound input? I can't do it within skype because skype just shows "pulse audio driver" whether I use the built-in mic or the webcam one, it basically just uses whatever the ubuntu system is currently using.

I searched a bit online and all I could find was a post from 2011 (http://askubuntu.com/questions/31206...cam-microphone) (so I don't know if it's outdated) and honestly it's really a bit complicated and a big effort for a thing that should be relatively easy for the end user to change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!