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    Question VPN Problems

    Ok first of all hi all i am new to the ubuntu not that i didnt use Linux based OS before, and my problem is that my VPN Connection in Ubuntu is way slower than my Win7 i don't know the reason i only reacently reins whole thing becasue ive got new PC so im Dual Boot win7/ubuntu 12.10 . On my previous installation of ubuntu 12.04 VPN worked fine got the same ping as in the win7 but when i set it up in 12.10 ive got about 9 sec delay yeah i can reach the internet i can ping my local host set up the gateways fine and stuff i even put some time testing with options nothing really helped so does any one have any solutions to this problems i will post my win7 pings now and when i do pings in ubuntu i will post that too with config setup i must notice that the only way i can connect to interneet is via PPPoE wich is equvivalent to VPN in ubuntu if im not mistaken. If any one has an idea why the ping's are so bad please help
    ping win7.jpgScreenshot from 2013-08-13 22_13_37.jpgScreenshot from 2013-08-13 22_12_00.jpg
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