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Thread: 12.04 LTS live CD and google-chrome

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    12.04 LTS live CD and google-chrome

    Firefox has no issues keeping web pages open.

    Google-chrome does. Lots's of "It's dead Jim" errors.

    The embeded Flash Player has issues too. Error #1009. Usually when playing DRM stuff or mousing around a lot when commercials appear such as wen watching videos here: and elsewhere. Weh wtching CBS, googlee-chrome just hangs and always during a commercial and mostly when I'm switching windows while the commercial is playing. The #1009 error is on another website where Flas on Windows doesnt work well either. Adobe is aware of the problem with Windows, but can't seem to put a handle on it. I had better luck in windows when I disabled the container tht Flash Runs in when in Firefox.

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    Re: 12.04 LTS live CD and google-chrome

    I apologize, but do you have a specific question concerning a specific issue you need help with?

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    Re: 12.04 LTS live CD and google-chrome

    If you are using google-chrome during a live session, then you are limited to how much RAM you have and any swap partition that you have created. Because each of chrome's tabs runs isolated from each other, it uses more RAM than firefox for the same open pages. The live session has several limitations, so it does not represent the real performance of an installed system.

    For flash, use a proprietary solution to watch DRM content like a Roku or AppleTV.
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