Since I live in the sticks in the Philippines I am most likely behind the times but I just bought a new 8Gb Sandisk USB flash drive and discovered that it appears as a hard drive and not as a removeable device. After much searching I found an announcement from Sandisk stating that to comply with Microsoft (I hate that word) requirements all new Sandisk flash drives are configured to appear as Hard Drives on your computer. This was a surprise to me and to the store I bought it from.

Ignoring my personal feelings about this forced change I am wondering how everyone is dealing with the problem of making these flash drives bootable? Unetbootin will not install an iso on my flash drive and does not recognize it as a hard drive either. If all flash drive manufactuerers start using this configuration are we stuck with burning all iso's to Cd's or DVD's?

Any solutions or thoughts on this would be appreciated.