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Thread: Dual boot Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu issue....

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    Dual boot Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu issue....

    Hey guys,

    This may have been somewhat discussed before, but I've Googled the heck out of it and can't seem to find a solution.
    And sorry if this is in the wrong place...

    Little background. I have a Desktop I do all my playing on. It's a P4 system with 3 HDDs. 2 x 120gb and 1 x 300gb. One 120gb drive was originally in my production system but was been moved into here some time ago when I retired that system to build a new one. That drive had WinXP on and had 3 partitions. The other 2 partitions had my games and media on. The other 120gb drive has Win Server 2003, CentOS and Ubuntu Server. The 300gb drive had a bunch of Linux Distributions and some others to fool around with.
    The XP install broke a while ago and I no longer had the disk for it, so I installed Windows Pro 2000 over it. Had no issues.

    Fast-forward to a couple days ago. Since I never used Win 2000, I figured I'd install the Preview of Win 8.1 over it. Never used Win8, so figured I'd give it a try.
    Install Win 8.1, everything goes good. Reboot and Windows 8.1 loads, As expected(taking over the boot-loader).
    No prob as I planned to re-install Ubuntu(on the 300gb drive where it was). Noticed this CPU is EM64T "Capable" and wanted to see if Ubuntu 64 would install.
    Install goes good and I installed the boot-loader to the 300gb drive(As a precaution).
    Reboot and set the Boot Priority to the 300gb drive.
    Reboot and Grub2 pops up and Windows 8 (Loader) is there.\
    Select Windows 8 and BANG, PC reboots. Do it a couple more times and PC keeps rebooting.
    Stick the Plop Boot Loader CD in, Select the HDA entry, And wahla Windows 8.1 loads.
    Change Boot Priority to the Windows 8 drive, Windows loads.
    Change it back to the 300gb drive, Boot Ubuntu and run
    sudo grub-install /dev/sda
    Reboot, change boot priority to the Windows drive. I get greeted with Grub2 and the Windows 8.1 (loader) entry is there.
    Select Windows 8 and Reboot..... Again and Again.
    Put in the Plop Boot Loader CD, make the selection, and Windows 8 boots....WTH

    Grub2 just won't chainload....
    I'm stumped.

    SDA = Windows 8 drive.
    SDB = 300gb drive.
    SDC = 120gb drive with Server installs.
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