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Thread: Migration from MS Office to LibreOffice

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    Post Migration from MS Office to LibreOffice

    Hi, i need to LINK a CSV file to a BASE.
    For a professional use i need to download my csv file, put it in the same directory (everytime) and read it with a database.
    I usually do it with MSO but with Base i could only IMPORT (passing through calc) not LINK.

    Sorry for bad english (i'm Italian and in my forum nobody can help me).


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    Re: Migration from MS Office to LibreOffice

    leonardo-ballabeni: You might get useful help on

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    Re: Migration from MS Office to LibreOffice

    Welcome to the forums.

    I used to download massive files from mainframe (really AS/400) and add them either to a SQL server or an Access data base. It was our full part number, BOM, router files for our factory. I would review, correct and script screen tasks to upload the corrections.

    After retiring and converting to Ubuntu I looked for something similar. Not much but you end up rolling your own. I download stock prices as csv, use python to import into SQLite files and use those. If using a database it would be better to import than directly use csv files.
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