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No, it's not the amount of data. It's the nature of the operation that is a problem and is quite common.

Burning is always harder than reading a disc and both reading/writing are easier with CDs than with DVDs.

Burning requires a lot more power than reading a disc, and burning a DVD is much more harder than burning a CD, not due to the amount of data, but due to the physical properties of the material used plus the density of data which is about 6 times more than that of a CD (thus requiring 6 times more precision on the "Laser eye"). That's why burnt CDs usually last much longer than burnt DVDs.

A drive can perfectly read CD/DVDs for years, but even a new drive may fail to write correctly if it is getting weak (has done a lot of burning in a short amount of time) or can't get enough power for the burning operation (often returning "Power calibration error").

So what you are describing matches perfectly with a problem that is actually quite common with optical disc burners.
Varunji, thanx for your advise. It seems my drive has become old. Buddha ho gaya ! But its just some 18 to 20 months old comp. Anyway, is there any temporary way like cleaning the lens etc that may help for some more time ? Actually i use the drive just for burning different linux distro iso and trying them out. In that case do you have any suggestion for doing the same on any SD Card ? Some software that could 'burn' any iso on a SD card. And will my comp be able to boot through a SD card ? It can do so through a USB pendrive. But last time i tried booting puppy linux through my SD card, but it did not work.