Am running Ubuntu-12.4 as "UE-3.4" in a Toshiba Satelite notebook, 150gig hd, 2gig ram..
When I click home file icon, or almost anything, the window always loads on the left/top of the screen..
How do I tweak it so the home file window opens always on the far right/top of the screen, and the 500gig external hard-drive window opens always on the far left/top of screen, and all new files from home file always come up placed over the original homefile?.. Is there a special tool to make new custom comands for window positions to happen as default?.. If there is, how do you word such commands?..

Also, I notice that when I right-click for toolbar on a secondary home file window, the toolbar won't lock-in.. Is there a cure to make the right click toolbar, on a secondary window, default lock-in?..