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Thread: How to check mark files on Ubuntu One

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    How to check mark files on Ubuntu One

    Hi, my main computer is a desktop with Ubuntu 10.04. I also have two laptops with Ubuntu 12.04. I just copied several updated files into a folder posted on Ubuntu One, using File Browser in Ubuntu 10.04. However, only two of the eight file icons have the green Check Mark on them. I haven't been able to find any documentation on how to check mark the other files.

    My laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 is browsing the folder that I just updated on the desktop. I'd like to work with those updated files. However, it's as if I'm looking at two different directories. For instance, there is a file dated Jan. 2013 on the Laptop, that I want to edit, but on the desktop the file is dated June 2013. How do I put the Check Mark on the file, so that it updates, I suppose---I believe that's what the check mark indicates.

    And so, for summary, the desktop with 10.04 is up to date, with files I just copied into the folder using File Browser. But only two of eight files have the Check Mark on the file icon. On the other hand, the laptop with 12.04, that I'd like to use to work on those updated files, shows five of five files in the same folder, all with Check Marks on them, but they are outdated versions of the files that I'd like to edit, from the laptop.

    Thanks letting me know how to freshen the files on Ubuntu One, so that I edit them on the laptop, without overwriting the previously edited editions.
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    Re: How to check mark files on Ubuntu One

    Ubuntu One client no longer works in 10.04 and because it's reached end-of-life, it's not possible to upgrade to a later version of Ubuntu One.

    You will need to upgrade your desktop computer to 12.04 or later in order to get Ubuntu One to synchronise properly. If you don't like Unity, there are other desktop options available.
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    Re: How to check mark files on Ubuntu One

    Thanks for letting me know that 10.04 Ubuntu needs to be upgraded. I like Unity and plan to stick with it on the laptop. it's about time that Linux has an interface that doesn't follow along behind Windows footsteps. A product can't ever be better than that which it simply trys to replicate.

    But, I need a desktop with widgets etc. on my pc with a 24" monitor. There's too much unused screen realistate for that size monitor to have nothing but wallaper and side bar. ...Will be sticking with 10.04 a while longer, then probably moving over to Xubuntu (which I've used with great pleasure) or Kubuntu

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