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I installed xmir from the repos, but how do I get into xmir?
We don't. Provided we are not running on proprietary video drivers it should all take place during the OS loading process and we should not notice any difference between running on Xserver or Xmir. Apart from the usual issues that come up with the development branch, that is. Apart from a few noticable bugs, which seem to be now fixed, we tell we are running on Xmir by running some commands. I use

grep -i xmir /var/log/Xorg.0.log
 grep -i LoadModule /var/log/Xorg.0.log
Look for some thing that says Xmir loaded. And carrying on using the system to see if you can identify any instability or poor user experience that is down to Xmir.

For example, on Friday I installed Xmir. On Saturday I run the update and then I had 4 system freezes. But I do not put it down to the update or Xmir. Chromium was the only application running. I did not get a freeze when using Libreoffice. I am now using Firefox to see if the same things happens. It is not due to maxing out the CPU or memory either.