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Thread: Can't open disc /dev/sr0!

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    Can't open disc /dev/sr0!

    I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

    Full, fresh install 2 months ago.

    Installed k9copy. Comes back with this error: Can't open disc /dev/sr0!

    DVDs used:

    library dvd
    home dvd

    Same result: Can't open disc /dev/sr0!

    I searched for a solution but the one situation (in multiple threads on different forums) did not appear to be resolved. I've always used k9copy--it's previously been reliable even back in April of 2012. So, I'd really like to continue using it and not have to find another software program.

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    Re: Can't open disc /dev/sr0!


    please open a terminal and start k9copy manual. It's possible you can see more information about
    the problem. And, what if you start k9copy as sudo?

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