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Thread: cannot find driver for HP Officejet 4620

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    cannot find driver for HP Officejet 4620

    Have scoured the internet and cannot find a supported driver for HP Officejet 4620. Am running Ubuntu 12.04LTS. Have tried googling, HP websites, some ubuntu sites. Sometimes I've heard that there will be a similar product that is supported. I only bought this all-in-one assuming because it was Hewlett Packard that it would be supported or have some go between. So far nothing.

    However, that being said, I "am not" an expert by any means, just trying to get hooked up. Just installed 12.04LTS yesterday after some windows disasters. Am so tired of windows. Have used ubuntu before though. Tried HPLIP, etc., HP websites, nothing

    Thanks for ANY suggestions or help.

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    Re: cannot find driver for HP Officejet 4620

    The 4620 is fully supported by hplip version 3.12.6 but Ubuntu 12.04 only comes with hplip version 3.12.2 so you are going to have to install the new version manually.

    Just follow the instructions on the HP website...

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