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Thread: Blank file icon floating off screen

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    Blank file icon floating off screen

    Hi -

    Currently using Lubuntu 13.04 (and a 13.10 daily build) (I was a member here back in 2004/2005 so this is not exactly a first post ) - noticed something odd potentially (prinicipally when web-browsing) - every so often, something that looks like the ''blank file icon'' (white with horizontal black lines) appears in the centre ish of the screen and floats off the screen in a curved ''arc'' shape - almost as if its a ''graphical after-effect'' of rogue-code extracating files from my machine? - maybe across the internet?? - ( a bit like a file going into a ''trash bin'' or again, across the net??) - anyone have any thoughts or intuition on this ? Thanks for any help.


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    Re: Blank file icon floating off screen


    I can confirm this phenomena using Lubuntu 13.04. In my observation, the floating icons are related to the position of my desktop icons. Looks like this glitch appears near those and is always visible on top of any active window. I'm using NVIDIA 310.44 proprietary driver. Any help is most welcome.




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