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Thread: Ubuntu vs LinuxMint

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    Re: Ubuntu vs LinuxMint

    I consider them the same under the hood. Just comes down to directions taking for the future and user preferences.
    Neither is Better just different. I personally find Mint KDE in my cup of tea.

    Don't like Unity for a myriad of reasons that are counter intuitive for my personal workflow.
    Also the break away of Mir vs. rest of the community wayland has me concerned.

    As Ubuntu appears to be breaking away from linux community and becoming a more closed and restricted business model.
    Not that is bad. As Mr. Shuttleworth has put his money in and has a right to see if Ubuntu can generate profit.

    Just feel I have less say as part of the community and the Desktop appears not to be center stage for the future.
    Could be wrong but that is my perception at the moment. As the Mint world seems to listen more to their user's and including what they need in the way they need it. And delivering what the user wants. Where Ubuntu presents something a user never used and expects them to adapt to a new way of doing desktop. I Tried more than once and for a extended time. Just wasn't for me.

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    Re: Ubuntu vs LinuxMint

    They are the same basically. Mint is just Ubuntu with a different branding, a retro DE and some codecs preinstalled and some more or less trivial tweaks. It always amuses me to hear Mint fans dising Ubuntu and prasing Mint, they are the same thing!

    It is kind of pointless to dual boot Mint and Ubuntu, just pick one. If you dual boot try a reallly different distro (there is much greater difference between Debian and Ubuntu than Ubuntu and Mint, though still close enough, more radical are things like Arch, with Fedora and Open Suse probably somewhere in between)
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    Re: Ubuntu vs LinuxMint

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