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Thread: Lost old ubuntuforums account with SSO login

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    Lost old ubuntuforums account with SSO login


    I appear to have messed something up while trying to link my Ubuntuforum account with my UbuntuOne SSO.

    My previous Ubuntu Forums account was under MorrisseyJ, when i went to the UbuntuOne SSO page, i checked that the user name and email address were the same. When i logged in, however my user name in the UbuntuForums has been changed to morrissey-james1, and all my old account details are gone.

    How can i get my old account back to be linked with my UbuntuOne SSO?



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    Re: Lost old ubuntuforums account with SSO login

    Thread moved to Resolution Centre.

    One of the admins should be along to help when they have a minute.

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    Re: Lost old ubuntuforums account with SSO login

    We have the gmail/googlemail problem. Google treats them the same but the login email match is a string match so the login system sees the email you have set as preferred in Ubuntu One as different from the registered email in the MorrisseyJ account, which is why it created the new account.

    I've disassociated the morrissey-james1 account from SSO. Log out, change your preferred email in Ubuntu One to the googlemail one, and log back in again. Please pm me once you are in the MorrisseyJ account so that I can disable the morrissey-james1 account and also change configurations so that you can use the gmail version in MorrisseyJaccount if you wish.
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