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Thread: Google Earth 6 Invalid HTTP Request fix

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    Google Earth 6 Invalid HTTP Request fix

    The web service that Google Earth 6 uses has been turned off. I can't use Google Earth 7 (incompatible GFX - it won't display satellite images, only roads).

    Here's the fix:

    Rename /opt/google/earth/free/ as /opt/google/earth/free/ (backing up original file, just in case)
    Copy /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ to /opt/google/earth/free/
    Rename /opt/google/earth/free/ as /opt/google/earth/free/

    (sudo required)

    Works on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise 32bit - may be the newer version on your system. If you're on a 64 bit system a simple upgrade to Google Earth 7 will probably fix the Invalid HTTP Request problem
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