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Thread: Wine 1.6-1_i386 (Stable) for Ubuntu 10.04LTS.

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    Wine 1.6-1_i386 (Stable) for Ubuntu 10.04LTS.

    I know 10.04 has gone EOL but I'm also sure that there are a lot of people still using it! Personally, I'll stick with it till the repositories are pulled, then move on to something that doesn't include words like 'Unity' or 'Gnome 3'

    Anyway, I compiled this from source and was surprised that (a) I actually managed that given how long it has been since most 10.04 libraries etc. have been updated, and (b) how long it took. Given that I've pretty much limited myself to Wine 1.2 (Stable) for the past few years, mainly as a result of 'regressions' with the few M$ apps that I use in earnest when development versions were tried. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find how well Wine 1.6 runs in comparison, so thought I'd upload it here, if only for the benefit of the few remaining 10.04 stragglers.

    Downloadable from here

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    Re: Wine 1.6-1_i386 (Stable) for Ubuntu 10.04LTS.

    10.04 not being supported means that your system is hackable. There are many known security items NOT fixed in that release. Dangerous.

    You can load 12.04 and get 5 yrs of support (April '17) and swap out Unity for XFCE or LXDE or 5-20 other GUIs in about 5 minutes of time. At the next login, just choose the newly installed environment and that's it. It will be the default going forward.

    $ sudo apt-get install lxde
    is all it takes.

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    Re: Wine 1.6-1_i386 (Stable) for Ubuntu 10.04LTS.

    Given what has just happened to the Ubuntu forum, I think I might be safer hiding behind the holey skirts of 10.04!

    But seriously, I have 12.04LTS (tried it, hated Unity etc.) and have already considered what you suggest. It's just that there are little things like the animated System Monitor icon on the menu-bar of Gnome 2 that I've come to love - none of the alternative desktops that I've tried allow that. So although I will have to upgrade eventually, i don't feel any rush to do so - not till the repos are pulled anyway. Besides, I've got Debian 7 and Mageia 3 running on other machines anyway, so in that sense I'm staying current.


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