All I have been able to locate thus far points to kernel level or low level system operation. Which forum would those people be watching? My post in hardware didn't get any nibbles. The Upower daemon is the application that displays the information and ACAD is a system level application that gathers the information. It would seem that I need to catch and modify the information that ACAD is returning or providing, but the documentation is not there. I've looked at the Upower website and I've found the ACAD directory tree, but it becomes a series of symbolic links that use multiple levels of redirection, often times to non-existant directories. I'm writing this based on memory as I haven't looked at it for a week or so and I don't have it on screen. Anyhow, if you or anyone else knows where to redirect this thread please let me know. This is almost starting to be come a mission and I'd hate to have to end up writing my own application.