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Thread: dell touchpad over-sensitivity, How to fix?

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    dell touchpad over-sensitivity, How to fix?

    1) I have Dell Inspiron laptop with alps touchpad which is highly over-sensitive i.e. without touching pad, I can drag the cursor. Whenever I do double-tap, it moves to some other place and sometimes weird, unwanted action accidentally happens.

    2) Moreover, when I land two finger together, cursor jumps sometimes. I reproduced it in this way- let suppose two fingers are 1 and 2 when I place them at two places on touchpad and now tap 2-2 now when I lift up 1, the cursor jumps.

    For 1, Somewhere, I found about synclient FingerLow and FingerHigh, but don't know how to give them correct value and how to set them on every bootup. Hope anybody would have solution.

    Thank You
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    Re: dell touchpad over-sensitivity, How to fix?

    Perhaps you need to reconfigure the Synaptics Driver. The following Wiki from another distro should help you.
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