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Thread: Can't load main profile at login screen

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    Can't load main profile at login screen

    I was using my computer last night with no issues, today when I tried to log in, instead of loading the desktop I was faced with the login screen.
    I ensured my username was selected and typed my password. The screen goes black for a moment and then come back to the login screen.
    I instead tried to use remote login and was advised that my email or password were incorrect.
    Guest seems to login with no issues.
    I have therefore removed the password from my main account and set it to auto login, but to no avail.

    I don't seem to have access to my main (administrator account).
    Any ideas?

    Update: It seems I can keep restarting and every now and then it will log in correctly, however when it does, my 2nd monitor will not connect and the keyboard seems to have some sort of Greek layout which is not listed in the Keyboard Layout Options - nothing I do there changes it back to English (US).
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