I have a USB 3G modem. Which is ZTE MF190. When I plug this modem
gives vendor ID: 19d2 and product ID: 0154. And in this case I get no internet access. But when I plug and unplug modem for 3 to 4 times product ID changed to 2003 and then I get internet access. Sometimes I have to plug and unplug modem for 5 to 6 times or even restart. Yes! if I boot my PC with modem plugged it gets product ID 2003 automatically. Now how can I solve this problem so that when I plug the modem and product ID change automatically without unplugging again.

What I Have Done Already:
I have tried to understand this manual Actually didn't understand fully.
I have usb_modeswitch in my PC version 1.2.3.
I have found a configuration package in /usr/share/usb_modeswitch and in that configuration i have found a text file( ) named 19d2:0154. In that file target product ID is set to 0117 I have changed It to 2003. But it didn't work. I enabled log for usb_modeswitch. When modem switch successfully( after plugging and unplugging 3 or 4 times ) it gives this log - . But when fails(most of the times) it gives this log -
I have also tried
usb_modeswitch -v 0x19d2 -p 0x0154 -V 0x19d2 -P 0x2003 -s 20 -M
But I can't understand how I can get message counter.