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Thread: disassociate please

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    disassociate please

    To the (6?) Gods of UbuntuForums:
    I got it wrong the first time. I have 'fixed' the email at SSO to match the UbuntuForums email, and I guess now I need you to disassociate this user account (burgwinkel) from my SSO account. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think then I should be able to link my SSO account with my original UbuntuForums username, ubuntwinkel.

    Thanks. I can't imagine how huge a headache this has been for all of you, and I am hugely grateful.

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    Re: disassociate please

    I've disassociated this account.

    Assume your 'correct' address is a similar sort of gmail one - if it's not - you've got it wrong

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