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Thread: Ubuntu compatible label printers?

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    Question Ubuntu compatible label printers?

    Hey Ubuntu community,

    I am an avid Ubuntu user and use Ubuntu on my work machine. I have a small eBay business and have finally bitten the bullet and decided to get a real label printer instead of using my laser printer. I have looked around but it looks like there aren't a lot of well-supported label printers. The open printer database lists a bunch of models that "should" work but I'd rather not buy one on a hunch. So yeah, I have googled this question and even searched the forum.

    My needs:
    - Print address labels for letters. Don't need big labels or room for postage though if that's an option that's fine as well
    - Ubuntu compatibility. If I have to manually install a driver that's fine, but no hacking together config files for me please
    - A printer that's available new or used is fine as long as they still make the tape for it
    - Continuous label printing (ie not for printing sheets of labels but one at a time). I only plan on printing one at a time.
    - USB or network connectivity
    - Simple and quick way to print labels using OpenOffice/gedit/glabels. I don't want to mess around with formatting too hard though if it's a really great printer I could be convinced to make an openoffice template.

    The best option I could find seems to be the Brother P-Touch QL-550. Does anybody have experience with this model or suggestions for others?

    Thanks everybody for your help!

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    Re: Ubuntu compatible label printers?

    I do not have any experience with this model or with the label printers. And the Brother site indicates this is a discontinued model, you might think about getting a current one.
    With that stated, the Brother support site does have the drivers and install instructions for this model.
    Which includes drivers and instructions for USB and network installations.
    My experience has always been good with Brother printers and scanners using Ubuntu and I do not hesitate to recommend their products.
    They always seem to have good support for Linux users.

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    Re: Ubuntu compatible label printers?

    I ended up getting the Brother P-Touch QL-500 from Amazon and it worked great! I have made a post on our blog with a summary of our research and a list of other Ubuntu-compatible printers. See

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