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Thread: Ubuntu 12.4 - Backuppc - I am an idiot!!

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    Ubuntu 12.4 - Backuppc - I am an idiot!!

    Hello. First and foremost I am an idiot and worthless, so you guys will need to think of me as such while helping me troubleshoot.

    In any case...

    I have a raid 10 server I'm running in which I have installed ubuntu server with a full disc(999gb) lvm guided install.

    Upon doing this I did the typical:

    sudo apt-get install backuppc

    Everything goes well.

    I know for a fact. Apache, Samba, as well as of course backuppc is installed.

    Yet I can't get to: http://ip/backuppc.

    I get a:

    "The requested URL /backuppc/ was not found on this server."

    My question to this community is where do I begin to troubleshoot. Again you have to talk to me like I'm an idiot and don't know nothing. I am not a noob as I've been dealing with Linux for years, but I might as well as be.


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    Re: Ubuntu 12.4 - Backuppc - I am an idiot!!

    Create a virtual host in apache that points to wherever the backuppc folder is located.


    Symlink the backuppc folder to the /var/www directory. This is probably much easier.
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