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Thread: Restrict Login Access Times for son.

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    Question Restrict Login Access Times for son.

    I'm setting up my son's computer with Ubuntu 12.04. He has a tendency to install a lot of stupid stuff on the computer with windows. So i've went this route. I need to control the times that he is online.

    At the end of /etc/security/time.conf I placed this line:

    According to what I've read this should only allow him to login during the time frames listed there.

    I updated my etc/pam.d/login to include:

    account required

    No matter how I tinker around with these settings he is still able to login. Any help on where to go. Nanny doesn't want to work for 12.04

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    Re: Restrict Login Access Times for son.

    Hi derek_mitchell2,

    there is an older post about some applications parents can use.

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    Re: Restrict Login Access Times for son.

    The magazine Linux Format issue 172 from July had a detailed article on how to set that up. The article is "Child's Play: Setting Limits" and starts on page 90. Check your library for paper copies.


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