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Thread: Account queries following change to SSO

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    Account queries following change to SSO

    You are probably reading this sticky because you have logged into the forum via Ubuntu One SSO and instead of ending up in your old forum account, you have found yourself in a newly created one. And the most likely reason for this is that you used the wrong email in your Ubuntu One SSO account.

    What you need to do

    Start a new thread in this section, the Resolution Centre, stating that after logging in via SSO you have found yourself in a different forum account from your old one. In order to deal with your query we need to know the profile location you previously held. You can find this by using advanced search to search for posts from your previous account - enter your previous account username in the username field - from which you can find the URL of your profile page from any of your posts. Simply click on your username from one of your old posts -> view profile. Please post the URL.

    We will look at and deal with your issue as soon as we can, but please bear in mind that there are only a handful of us, all part-time volunteers, who can do so. You may have to wait up to 24 hours to be replied to.

    Our usual procedure is to tell you to set the email that is registered to the old forum account as preferred in your Ubuntu One account and then post back to confirm that you have done this. A forum admin will then disassociate the new account from Ubuntu One, which will enable you to log into the old account. If, for any reason, you are not able to do this, we usually resolve your problem by means of private messaging (for confidentiality) so that you can prove you are the registrant of the old account – as a security check - usually by identifying to us the registered email address.

    Please do not PM us prior to us inviting you to do so about problems with SSO login. And in any event, please do not post any email address in your posts. This is to protect you; anyone can read it.

    While you are waiting to be dealt with, you may wish to read this sticky as well.

    Thank you for your patience.
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