I`m using MAAS on Ubuntu 13.04, running as KVM guest in another Ubuntu 13.04 instance.

Our target is to provision diskless servers, that`ll have it`s root/swap filesystem mounted from RBD on Ceph. I can install such server manually (running into this particular bug, however).

When I try to install Ubuntu via MAAS on such a server, it ends up in endless loop of "Starting up the partitioner" stage, jumping from 0% to 16% then 24% and back. Left it overnight, in a hope that this will sourt out itself. It hadn`t.

So, my question is - can I explicitly tell MAAS, that this server should pick up particular iqn from particular target, and install Ubuntu on it? Maybe, in pre-seed file somehow?


PS - and, if anyone will help me to fix that bug with iSCSI I mentioned - I`ll buy him a beer