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Thread: user name email mix up

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    user name email mix up

    I changed display name on launchpad login to match this forum, but now launchpad has used email name for user name. The problem rests with having to use email to sign in (I think)

    ubuntu one
    Full name: critin
    Username: esprit53

    Display Name:critin
    name: esprit53 --Changing your name will change your public OpenID identifier. Which is my email I assume.

    If I change that, then ubuntu forums can't confirm the email is correct when I log in--correct? I used same email for all 3, different user names which now should have all the same usernames.

    No hurry, I know you're all busy, but I do hope my old acct can be restored. Thanks...

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    Re: user name email mix up

    Can we no longer edit our posts? I don't see the link.
    Further info on my post.
    I have logged out of everything a couple of times, cleared history, closed browser,etc. Is there something else I could try?

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    Re: user name email mix up

    AS long as you have set the preferred email at to the one associated with the original account you should be ok.

    I have disassociated the esprit53 account.

    I can't tell as you gave lots of info for accounts elsewhere but no mention of the forum one

    I've assumed that the critin one is your's - the e-mail for that is an msn one.

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