Following the recent security breach, all LoCo moderators have been removed. In addition all moderators in specific sub-forums, - eg System76, have been removed.

To reacquire rights you might have previously held you will need to contact a member of the Forum Council at

ubuntu-forums-council at

Following discussions with Canonical IS - a script will be running regularly that will demote any moderator that is not active during a set period to a normal usergroup. So if your activity is minimal we have been advised not to promote moderator rights to you.

This is purely a security precaution and once you become active again you can get the rights back.

Before we promote anyone to moderator rights, we will be checking the sub-forum you wish to have those rights in for activity.

In order to deal with this, we will want the following -

  • Your forum userid.
  • Your Launchpad page
  • The URL of the forum you are enquiring about.

Without that information we will not deal with the enquiry.