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Thread: Ubuntu Server 13.04

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    Ubuntu Server 13.04

    Hey guys. I was wondering about something with Ubuntu server. I have a router coming in and wifi going out to all my laptops. The router has to stay in its place. I also have in my possesion a Netgear Range Extender WN2000RPT and a simple desktop server I made. I want the server in spare room away from the router. Can I use the range Extender to get an internet connection to the desktop via lan connection? I know it should be hard wired, but right at the moment, it isnt happening. I just want to use the server. So here is the setup I guess; Router - WIFI - Laptops
    WIFI / Netgear Range Extender - Lan connection to etho on Desktop Ubuntu Server 13.04

    Make sense? I guess I am trying to get the server back on the internet using WIFI through the range Extender. Is this even possible? Sounds plausible. I know it will be slow. but for now it will do. I am pretty knew on the server side, so please be paitent. Thakns.

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    Re: Ubuntu Server 13.04

    It makes sense, but I don't think this will work ...

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    Re: Ubuntu Server 13.04

    Depends if you can use the range extender in a bridged mode. I have a TL-WR702N that I use as a bridge for PXE booting clients around my house.

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    Re: Ubuntu Server 13.04

    If the server only needs to handle a limited range of services, you're probably better off using port forwarding from your router back to the server. Any arrangement that puts your server behind a masquerading router will prevent it from being visible on the Internet.
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