Hello. Bout a 2 year ubuntu user, very new minecraft user. I've gotten a method that allows you to use a minecraft model-making program reliably under wine, and wish to create a wrapper package for it along the lines of the flashplugin-installer and netflix-desktop packages; that is, a package that downloads a certain source code file (in this case actually an application manifest for dotnet4.0) and runs a few tasks against it. I can make normal debian packages, and I've setup my own ppa for a bash script I wrote with heaps of assistance from this forum, and am no stranger to "techie" stuffs, but I can't make heads or tails of the flashplugin-installer or netflix-desktop source. So, in the interest of creating a standing monument for those who come after seeking to create a similar wrapper package, lets set out to figure this out, okay? any and all feedback/help would be appreciated.